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We will all, at some point, be involved in selling a house, be it as a result of an upscale, a job relocation or the disposal of a family owned house. The choice of your agent will, in no small part, dictate whether this will be a satisfactory, smooth experience or a stressful one.

There is a perception currently, that all agents are very much the same. From inside the industry, I can tell you that this is very definitely not the case.

As a prospective vendor there is a choice to be made as to how much care and support you will require. If you feel able to run the sale yourself you may feel tempted to go to an online agent. Within the industry, this is largely felt to be a leap into the unknown. Often, agreeing a sale to a buyer is the easy part of the sale process. Much more challenging can be the careful shepherding of the sale through to a successful completion, always mindful that we are acting in the vendor’s best interests and trying to manage the expectations of all involved.

This work is largely unseen but is pivotal in the success or failure of a sale. It is vital that experienced sales staff, with a thorough understanding of the sale process, are involved in this aspect of Estate Agency. We are fortunate at JCP to have such experience within our ranks. With thorough progressing, problems can be seen and dealt with before they materialise to derail the sale. The earlier a “red flag” can be spotted, the better. There is no substitute for experience in this role.

Choose your agent carefully with all of this in mind. Read reviews from previous clients posted on the Agent’s own website. Yes, they are genuine; we work hard to get them and are pleased to post them when they come in.

Above all, don’t make the fee the deciding factor in your choice. Go instead for experience and recommendations from previous clients.

Your house is likely to be your most valuable asset. When it is time to sell, instruct an experienced, established agent with good recommendations.


Choosing Your Estate Agent

by David Wilkins, Director of JCP Estate Agents



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