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Families in Oxford have just been through the process of school selection for their children. Results are now in and parents are either thrilled at the news or disappointed with the prospect of the ensuing appeal process.

As a parent of three and in my capacity as Director of JCP, it is apparent to me both personally and professionally that there is a link between school performance and local house prices.

It is certainly true that there are a number of factors influencing house prices such as location, proximity to places of work, shopping and other amenities and the presentation and desirability of the property. Those of us who have children also factor in the importance of school boundaries. When the children are approaching school age, house hunting is done with school boundary maps in hand. A house outside of school catchment can be scratched from the list.

A recent survey found that one out of five buyers would sacrifice a bedroom or a garage for a better school. One out of three would buy a smaller property.

We are fortunate in Oxfordshire that such a high standard of state and private schooling exists at every level but it can be shown that the market strongly favours well performing school catchment areas.

Good schools provide stability and continuity for a community and that is good for property values of everyone who lives nearby.

If you are looking to buy or rent a property in Oxford and would like any advice on the school boundaries or local knowledge of the area, please do not hesitate to contact us


Schooling and the Housing Market

by David Wilkins - Director of JCP Estate Agents



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